Providing Cemetery Resource Books for Wayne County, KY
Chief Doublehead Gravemarker
Eileen & Marilyn in Kentucky
Stopping to see the grave
marker for Chief Doublehead
near Monticello, KY.
Visiting the old cemeteries
A favorite past time of the
Gregory cousins is visiting the
old family cemeteries located
through out Wayne County.   
E & M Genealogy Books

Eileen Mullins and Marilyn Fisher have done genealogy
research in the Wayne County area for many years.  Both
ladies descend from families whose roots are planted deep in
the soil of Wayne County, Kentucky.   

Marilyn is a member of the Gregory family from Wayne County.  
She shares her family findings on her
Gregory Family web site.
She is also the webmaster for the
Wayne County KYGenWeb
site which offers free online genealogy resources.

Eileen belongs to the Bell family from Wayne County.  She is
the coordinator and webmaster for the Wayne County
Cemetery Project, a web site that provides free cemetery
records online.

In 2003 they saw a need for cataloging the graves in Wayne
County's largest cemetery, Elk Spring Cemetery.  With nearly
7,000 graves, this book has become a valuable resource for
the Wayne County genealogist.
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