1850 Census of Wayne County Kentucky

Gregory and Related Families

With notations by Janice Faulconer

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Division 2 (comes before Division 1 on the film)
Enumerated between 3 August 1850 and 26 September 1850

Part I - Includes pages 240 thru 259

p. 240, 2/2
William Bell 68 M VA
Nancy Bell 61 F VA
John T. Bell 23 M KY
Edward Bell 22 M KY
Martha Bell 9/12F KY
William Bell married Nancy Burk, 6 June 1804, Washington Co. VA.
Edward Bell married Polly Ann Corder, 13 November 1850 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety, Gordon C. Corder.
(Wayne Co. VR - died, Polly Ann Bell, 31 December 1853, at home, of typhoid fever, age 21, wife of Edward Bell, a farmer, resided on the South Fork, a daughter of Gordon Corder and his 1st. Wife.)
p. 240, 3/3
Hayden Gregory 42 M KY
Mary Gregory 41 F TN
Margaret J. Gregory 19 F KY
Nancy A. Gregory 17 F KY
David Gregory 16 M KY
Hirum Gregory 14 M KY
Charity Gregory 13 F KY
Malinda Gregory 12 F KY
Martha Gregory 9 F KY
Mordecai H.Gregory 7 M KY
John W. Gregory 6 M KY
Shelby Gregory 3 M KY
Haden Gregory married Mary Martin 2 December 1831 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety: Joseph Mounce.
Haden Gregory is the son of Mordecai Gregory and Jane Burk.
Nancy Ann Gregory married Thomas S. Kidd 1 March 1851 in Wayne Co. KY
Margaret Jane Gregory married James R. Vaughn 7 August 1850 in Wayne Co. KY
David Gregory married Sarah Parton 2 January 1855 in Wayne Co. KY. Sureties, George J. Kidd and Hiram Vaughn. Consent was given for Sarah Parton by her mother and step-father, James and Dizy Nichlas.
(Wayne Co. VR -Died, Sarah Gregory, September 1857 of the cold, age 21 years, married, born, resided and died in Wayne, daughter of Dicey Parton.)
p. 240, 5/5
John Dobbs Sr. 59 M TN
Susannah Dobbs 54 F VA
John Dobbs jr. 20 M KY
Stephen C. Dobbs 17 M KY
James T. Dobbs 12 M KY
Martha Dobbs 10 F KY
Susana Dobbs 6 F KY
Rachael Burks 30 F KY
Sintha Burk 10 F KY
John Dobbs married Susannah Davenport on 15 August 1815 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety: Amburn Davenport.
p. 240, 8/8
William Bell Jr. 32 M KY
Elizabeth Bell 25 F KY
Saphrona A. Bell 8 F KY
?Camley Bell 5 F KY
Benjamin Bell 21M KY
William Bell married Elizabeth Denny 30 March 1837 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety: Tarlton Bell. William is a son of James Bell (Wayne Co. Land Records Book R, pg. 272, 25 September 1871. Sophronia Bell, wife of Sidney G. Gregory is selling her interest in the landed estate of her grandfather James Bell deceased, land which descended to her as a daughter of William Bell who was a son of James Bell.) William died before 1857 when his wife Elizabeth married a second time to Thomas Smith on 19 February 1857 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety: Robert Smith. They were married by William P. Gooding at the home of William P. Gooding in Wayne. Present were Joseph Bell, Armsted Blevins and Isham Carr. Groom lives in Wayne, age 25, born in Hawkins Co. Tennessee; bride lives in Wayne, age 29, born in Wayne, 2nd marriage, a widow.
p. 240, 9/9
Talton Bell 40 M KY
Sarah Bell 36 F KY
William Bell 12 M KY
Lewis Bell 10 M KY
Jacob Bell 7 M KY
Salina Bell 4 F KY
Edward Bell 1 M KY
Tarlton Bell married Sarah Dolen 13 December 1836 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety, Edward Dolen. (Wayne Co. KY VR -Born Annie Bell 1 February 1858 on While Oak Creek, daughter of Tarlton Bell and Sarah Dolen. -Died, Sarah Bell 20 August 1852 of flux, age 4 years, daughter of Tarlton and S. Bell.)
p.240, 10/10
Joseph Bell 30 M KY
Lamsey Bell 20 F KY
John Bell 6 M KY
Shelby Bell 3 M KY
Merican Bell 1 F KY
Joseph Bell married Loundey Denny on 29 December 1842 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety, Thomas Bell and Fleming Bell. Note: "the clerk is hereby authorized to issue lisons to Joseph and Lamsey upon application given under our hands this 28 December 1842 by Jacob Bell and Malinda Bell." (Wayne Co. VR -Born Robert Bell, 8 March 1855 on South Fork to Joseph Bell and Lamsey Denny.)
p. 240, 12/12
David Bell 33 M KY
Luan Bell 25 F KY
Benjamin F. Bell 11 M KY
Malinda Bell 6 F KY
George A. Bell 5 M KY
Abigal Bell 1 F KY
David Bell married Leana Bell 22 May 1838 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety, Tarlton Bell.
p. 241, 13/13
Jonathan Blevins 71 M VA
Sally Blevins 45 F TN
Gains Blevins 7 M KY
George W. Troxell 23 M KY
Jonathan Blevins married Katy Troxell 16 January 1804 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety, Elisha Blevins. The bond is dated 7 April 1803. The bond states, "consent of bride's father Jacob Troxall proved by the oath of John Troxall."
p. 241, 16/16
Armsted Blevins 30 M KY
Morgan Blevins 32 F KY
Riley Blevins 10 F KY
Isaac Blevins 7 M KY
Anna Blevins 6 F KY
Darius Blevins 5 M KY
Sarah Blevins 3 F KY
John Blevins 2 M KY
(Wayne Co. VR - Born, Edy Blevin, 14 October 1852, on Rock Creek to Armstead and Margary Carson; -Born, Polly Blevins, April 1854, to Armstead and Margary Carson. -Died, Malinda Blevins, 25 November 1852, of the flux, age 2 years, born in Wayne, daughter of Armsted and M. Blevins; -Died, Riley Blevins, 6 November 1852 of the flux, age 12 years, born in Wayne, son of Armsted and M. Blevins.)
p. 241, 18/18
Peter Troxell 26 F KY
Elizabeth Troxell 21 F KY
Emily Troxell 3/12F KY
Census lists Peter Troxell as a female. (Wayne Co. KY VR - Born, Jacob Troxell, 25 December 1852, on Rock Creek; -Born, Kesire Troxell, April 1854; -Born, Edey Troxell, December 1856, parents born and reside in Wayne; -Born, Polly Troxell, 1858, on Rock Creek, all children of Peter Troxell and Elizabeth Foster.)
p. 241, 19/19
James Foster sr. 45 M KY
Rebecca Foster 45 F KY
John Foster 19 M TN
William Foster 18 M TN
Margary Foster 15 F KY
Anna Foster 13 F KY
James G. Foster 11 M KY
Charles Foster 9 M KY
Polly J. Foster 5 F KY
Sytha Foster 2 F KY
James Foster married Becca Carson 20 April 1824 in Wayne Co. KY. William Dobbs, surety. Note: "Mr. Chrisman sir, please to grant William Dobbs lisons it being under my hand this 19th of April", by John Carson."
p. 241, 22/22
William Dobbs 27 M KY
James Burk 21 M KY
William Dobbs married Sarah Burk 31 October 1852 in Wayne Co. KY. James Burk was surety. They were married by Isaac Blevins at the home of Allen Burk. Groom was age 30, born in Wayne, bride age 26, born in Wayne. It was the first marriage for both.
p. 241, 23/23
Flemming Bell 32 M KY
Anna Bell 23 F KY
Tamsey Bell 7 F KY
Joseph B. Bell 6 M KY
William Bell Jr. 5 M KY
Joshua Bell 3 M KY
James J. Bell 2 M KY
Fleming Bell married Anna Denny 27 December. 1839 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety, William Bell. (Wayne Co. VR -Born, Malinda Bell, December 1852, daughter of Flemming and Anna Denny. -Died, Flemming Bell, 2 September 1853 of the fever, age 38, married, son of John and Elizabeth Bell. Died, Fanny Bell, 4 October 1853 of the fever, age 13, daughter of Flemming and Anne Bell.)
p. 241, 24/24
Silas Bell 24 M KY
Anna Bell 24 F KY
Andrew Bell 3 M KY
Diza C. Bell 8/12F KY
Silas Bell married Anna Morris 22 October 1846 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety, David Morris. (Wayne Co. VR Born, Polly Ann Bell, 4 September 1853 on Johnsons Fork; -Born, Rachael M. Bell, 16 November 1855 on Cumberland River; -Born, John D. Bell, April 1858 on Cumberland River. Both children of Silas Bell and Mrs. Annabell (Annie) Morris. -Died, Polly J. Bell November 1854 on "C" Creek of whooping cough, age 1 year, daughter of Silas and A. Bell. -Died, Martha J. Bell, August 1854 on "C" Creek of the whooping cough, age 4 years, daughter of Silas and A. Bell.)
p. 241, 26/26
Fleming Gregory 37 M KY
Caroline Gregory 37 F KY
William H.Gregory 11M KY
Jno S.C. Gregory 9 M KY
Claiborn Gregory 7M KY
David F. Gregory 2M KY
Fleming Gregory married Caroline Cullen, 17 August 1837, at the home of Widow Cullen in Wayne Co. KY. Surety, Sidney A. Goddard. Fleming Gregory is the son of Fleming Gregory and Elizabeth Bell who were married 23 June 1801 in Washington Co. VA. (Wayne Co. VR: Perry S. Gregory was born 5 August 1854 to Fleming Gregory & Caroline Cullen.)
p. 242, 37/37
Benoni Mills 44 M KY
Mary Mills 37 F KY
Mary Mills 13 F KY
Jonathan F. Mills 12 M KY
Francis Mills 10 F KY
Sarah Mills 8 F KY
Eliza Mills 3 F KY
Milton Mills 1 M KY
Benoni Mills and Polly Jones were married on 18 February 1833 by Jonathan S. Frisbie in Wayne Co., KY. (Wayne Co. VR -Born twins, William K. Mills, 18 December 1853 and unnamed male 18 December 1853, sons of Benoni Mills and Mary Jones. -Born Harriet Abba Mills 24 September 1857 at her father's house in Beech Hollow. - Died Baby Mills, 18 December 1853 of unknown cause, 4 hours old, a male twin, son of Benona and Mary Mills.)
p. 250, 150/155
George W. Walker 22 M KY
Mary A. Walker 20 F KY
James E. Walker 1M KY
George Walker married Mary A.K. Caughron, 8 May 1848, in Wayne Co. KY. consent given by Peter Caughron, father of Mary Caughron, and by J. A. Walker. father of George Walker.
p. 254, 210/216
David Corder 43 M VA
Usley Corder 39 F KY
Claiborn Corder 21 M KY
Rhoda Corder 15 F KY
Jane Corder 13F KY
Eliza Corder 10F KY
Elizabeth Corder 5F KY
Emily Corder 3F KY
David Corder married Usley Gregory 26 June 1827, in Wayne Co. KY. (Wayne Co. VR - Died, Usley Corder, 14 July 1852 of the flux, age 41, married, parents not named.) Usley is most likely a daughter of Fleming Gregory and Elizabeth Bell because the Claiborn given name seems only to appear in the families of Fleming's descendants, and not in the families or Mordecai or Hiram. Meshack's family is a total mystery. However there is also a connection between the Corders and Mordecai Gregory. (Bork, Vol 2, p. 237 -"William Baker is charged with having gotten Eloder Corder with child. Said male bastard was born 29 March 1829 at the house of John Adair in Wayne Co. William Baker was charged with 20 pounds bond and his security, Mordecai Gregory charged with 10 pounds. Court to be held 20 May 1829 to answer charges of basterdy.")
p. 255, 221/228
John Vaughn Jr. 31M KY
Martha Vaughn 32 F KY
Nancy E.Vaughn 6 F KY
Stephen A.Vaughn 4 M KY
Mary E. Vaughn 1 F KY
John Vaughn married Patsy Parton 12 June 1842 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety: Markus Holcum. John is the son of John Vaughn Sr. and his first wife, Polly Lewis.
p. 255, 223/230
Stephen Vaughn 23 M KY
Mary J.Vaughn 19 F KY
Martha A. Vaughn 1 F KY
Stephen married Mary J. Nicholas 19 November 1847 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety: John Vaughn. Stephen is the son of John Vaughn Sr. and most likely, his first wife Polly Lewis
p. 256, 230/237
J.A. Walker 51M GA
Nancy Walker 50 F GA
Martha Walker 16 F KY
Clinton A.Walker 13M KY
Nancy Walker 10F KY
Elizabeth Walker 8 F KY
Alexander Walker married Nancy Tuttle 25 February 1819 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety: James Tuttle.
p. 257, 253/260
Larkin Gibson 59 M NC
Elizabeth Gibson 55 F TN
Francis M. Gibson 20 M ALA
Nancy Gibson 18 F KY
William E. Gibson 16 M KY
Sophrona Gibson 14 F KY
Shelby Gibson 12 M KY
Amanda Gibson 8 F KY
Francis M. Gibson married Julia Ann Gregory 13 April 1852 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety, Claybourne Gregory. Married at the home of Clayborn Gregory. Present was John Decker and many others. Groom's residence, Wayne Co., age 22, born in Wayne, 1st marriage, Brides residence, Wayne Co., age 16, born in Wayne.
p. 258, 254/261
Sidney A. Goddard 55M KY
Ellender Goddard 43F KY
Matilda Goddard 13F KY
Pricilla Goddard 13F KY
John Goddard 11M KY
Jane Goddard 8 F KY
Elizabeth Goddard 4F KY
Sidney A. Goddard married Mrs. Eleanor Alexander (nee Cullom) 31 December 1835 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety, M.T. Chrisman. (Bork Vol 3, Ingram Cemetery - Sidney A. Goddard born 21 February 1805 died 10 February 1851. Elenore Cullom born 17 December 1807, died at 92 years, daughter of Francis Tilmon Cullom and Mary McConkey. Goddard Infants born and died 29 July 1840, twin son and daughter of S.A. and E. Goddard, lived 2 hours) Eleanor married 1st Smith Alexander 6 April 1826 in Wayne Co. KY.
p. 258, 257/264
Merit Mathis 34M NC
Elizabeth Mathis 34F KY
Anna Mathis 13F KY
William Mathis 11M KY
Nancy Mathis 9 F TN
Sally Mathis 7F KY
Peggy Mathis 5F TN
Matilda Mathis 1F TN
Merrit Mathis married Elizabeth Vaughn 30 June 1836 in Wayne Co. KY. Sureties: Anthony Mathis & James Vaughn. Merit Mathis is the son of Anthony Mathis and Elizabeth Vaughn is the daughter of James Vaughn and Elizabeth Troxell.
p. 258, 258/264
Joseph Mounce 41M KY
Elizabeth Mounce 41F NC
Cintha Mounce 22F KY
Mary J. Mounce 20F KY
Lucinda E. Mounce 17F KY
John P. Mounce 14M KY
Diza Ann Mounce 9F KY
Sarah S. Mounce 8F KY
Joseph married 1st , Nancy Roberts 13 April 1827 in Wayne Co. KY. He married 2nd, (Mrs) Elizabeth Francis 14 June 1844 in Wayne Co. KY Joseph was a widower, Elizabeth was the widow of George W. Francis, and the daughter of Thomas Moody. Joseph Mounce was surety for Haden Gregory and Mary Martin. (Wayne Co. VR -Died Joseph Mounce 11 April 1857 of consumption, age 50 years, married, born, resided and died in Wayne, son of John Mounce. -Died Cyrenthia Mounce, 10 January 1854 on Canada Creek of typhoid fever, age 22 years, born in Wayne, daughter of Joseph and Nancy Roberts Mounce,.)
p. 259, 268/275
Louvinia Copenhaver 63F SC
Sarah E. Patton 14F KY
This is Sarah Parton who is the daughter of Diza Parton. Sarah married David Gregory on 2 January 1855 in Wayne Co. KY. Sureties, George J. Kidd and Hiram Vaughn. Consent was given for Sarah Parton by her mother and step-father, James and Dizy Nichlas. (Wayne Co.VR -Died, Sarah Gregory, September 1857 of the cold, age 21 years, married, born, resided and died in Wayne, daughter of Dicey Parton. Wayne Co. VR -Diza Parton, a single woman, on 15 May 1836 at the house of Thomas K. Edgemond, she was delivered of a female bastard child and charges Thomas Copenhaver, a laborer, with having begotten her with child. Thomas was brought into Court on 20 January 1837 with his bondsman, John Lynch. Bond was set in the sum of 20 pounds for Copenhaver and 10 pounds for Lynch; hearing set for 23 January 1837 to answer charges.) Sarah Parton is living with Lavinia Copenhaver, the widow of Samuel Copenhaver. Samuel and Lavinia are the parents of Thomas Copenhaver. They were married 4 February 1802 in Wayne Co. KY.
p. 259, 270/277
Thomas Copenhaver 46M KY
Elizabeth Copenhaver 36F KY
Catherine Copenhaver 22F KY
Perry Copenhaver 15M KY
Nancy Copenhaver 14F KY
Samuel Copenhaver 12M KY
Martha Copenhaver 11F KY
Lavina Copenhaver 9F KY
John Copenhaver 7M KY
Robert Copenhaver 6M KY
Thomas Copenhaver 4M KY
Mary C. Copenhaver 1F KY
Thomas Copenhaver married 1st: Nancy Simpson, 24 January 1828 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety, Daniel Simpson. Thomas Copenhaver married 2nd Elizabeth Barns, 24 August 1835 in Wayne Co. KY. Surety: Thomas Turner. Thomas Turner made oath that Elizabeth Barns is 21. (Bork, Vol 3- Cemetery Records - Copenhaver Cemetery - Thomas Copenhaver 7 May 1805 to 26 April 1879. I would assume that this is the same Thomas Copenhaver that is the father of Sarah E. Parton.)

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