My Connection to the Lewis Family
of Wayne County, Kentucky

Depending on who you talk with, you may hear different opinions as to who
the parents of Benjamin Lewis (b. 1822 AL) truly were. It's my belief that he
was probably the son of the elder Benjamin and Jane Lewis who came to
Wayne County from Virginia. There is a Benjamin and a William Lewis
listed in the 1810 census of Wayne County, but sometime before 1820 some
of the Lewis clan traveled to Alabama where my great-great-grandfather
Bennie Lewis was born. By the 1830 census, the Lewis's were back in
Wayne County. Listed in 1830 were Benjamin, William, and a John Lewis

By the 1850 census, my grt-grt-grandfather was married to Elmira Butram
and the elder Lewis's (Benjamin and Jane) were living with them. This
elder Benjamin could be the father or grandfather of the younger Ben Lewis.

1850 Wayne County Census HH#462
Benjamin Lewis age 28 b. AL - Laborer
Almira age 18 b. KY
Benjamin Lewis age 80 b. VA - Cooperer
Jane age 70 b. NC
Joseph Ricke age 16 b. TN (I wonder who this is?)

To confuse everyone, in the 1860 census, the elder Benjamin is living
with his son William Lewis. So who is the father of Bennie Lewis?
Is it the older Ben, is it William, or could it be the John Lewis who
shows up in the 1830 census?

Direct Descendants of Benjamin "Bennie" Lewis
	1  	Benjamin "Bennie" LEWIS	abt.1824 AL - aft.1880 Wayne Co, KY
..		+Elmira "Mira" BUTRAM	abt.1833 Wayne Co, KY - aft.1880 Wayne Co, KY
......	2  	John C. LEWIS	1853 Wayne Co, KY - 1911 Wayne Co, KY
..........		+Elizabeth Jane BARRIER	1859 Wayne Co, KY - 1881 Wayne Co, KY
...............	3  	Sarah Margaret "Sallie" LEWIS	1878 Wayne Co, KY - 1929 Wayne Co, KY
...................		+James "Emberson" GREGORY    1882 Wayne Co, KY - 1929 Wayne Co, KY
.......................	4  	Evie GREGORY	1915 Wayne Co, KY - 2002 IN
...........................		+Owsley Stanley GREGORY	1916 Wayne Co, KY - 1997 IN
................................	5  	Marilyn GREGORY	IN

Sallie Lewis Sallie Lewis Gregory (1878-1929)
My maternal grandmother was Sarah Margaret Lewis.
Born on June 22, 1878, she was the daughter of
John C. LEWIS and Elizabeth Jane BARRIER.
(They pronounced it BYERS.) John Lewis was the
son of Benjamin Lewis and Elmira Butram.
Elizabeth Jane Barrier was the daughter of
Elijah Barrier and Fanny Jane Tuttle who
moved to Iowa before 1900.

Sallie Lewis Fanny Lewis
Sallie Lewis and sister Fanny Lewis

Sallie and her younger sister Fanny (1880-1926) were born
and raised in the Coopersville area of Wayne County, KY.
In the summer of 1881 their mother Jane passed away. I
have not located Jane's grave, but I suspect that she is buried
In the Aaron Barrier Cemetery on Johnson's Fork. Aaron Barrier
and his wife Susannah Chrisman were Jane's grandparents.

Emily Martin Lewis
Emily Martin Lewis (c.1872-1899)
John Lewis later married Emily "Sis" Martin
in 1891. Emily was the daughter of James Martin
and Sarah Jane Roberts. To this marriage four
children were born: William "Bill", Eliza Jane,
Francis "France", and Charles "Charlie" Lewis.

Fanny Lewis Bell

Fanny Lewis Bell (1880-1926)
Sallie's younger sister Fanny married
Thomas Frances "Tom Htacher" Bell
in 1897. Tom was the son of Matilda
Bell and George Washington Phipps.

In 1899 Sallie and Fanny's step-mother Emily passed away.
Sallie helped to care for her younger siblings until she
herself married in 1902. The youngest child, Charlie went
to live with John and Kizzie (Ramsey) Barrier.

Emberson Gregory
Emberson Gregory (1882-1929)
On May 27, 1902 Sallie M. Lewis married my
grandfather James "Emberson" Gregory. He was
the son of Claiborn Gregory and Nancy Slagle.

Sallie's father, John Lewis died in March 1911. By that time Sallie and her
sister Fanny were both married with families of their own. For some reason
unknown to me, the younger step-siblings were seperated and went to
live with neighboring families.

Bill Lewis

Bill Lewis (1892-1985)

Bill Lewis married Lucy Foster in Dec. 1911.
Lucy was the daughter of Charlie Foster and Polly Ann West.

Logan, Jane, & baby Clova

Jane Lewis Vaughn (1894-1959)
with husband Logan and baby Clova

I've always heard that Eliza Jane Lewis
went to live with a Wilhite family.
A daughter of Eliza Jane's says that
is not the case, but there was a
Jno. Wilhite listed as a witness when
Jane married John Logan Vaughn in 1913.
Logan Vaughn was the son of Sally Vaughn
and Miles Gregory.

France Lewis

France Lewis (1896-1971)
France Lewis lived with Andrew Jackson Roberts
for a time. He later moved in with Ike and Mary
(Asbury) Chriswell, and eventually married their
daughter Nancy Catherine Chriswell about 1920.

Charlie Lewis
Charlie Lewis (1898-1980)

Charlie Lewis was raised by John and Kizzie Barrier
Charlie married Essie Roberts in 1918.
Essie was the daughter of Herzilla Roberts.


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