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My Brick Wall

~Grave of Nancy Slagle Gregory~
Grant Roberts Cemetery - Rocky Branch, KY

NANCY SLAGLE GREGORY (c. 1860 - 1885) was my great grandmother.
Very little is known about her and I have exhausted all research avenues.
I am seeking any information that may lead me to her family.
Nancy Slagle is my "brickwall".

What do I know about her?

Based upon information taken from her marriage bond application and the
1880 census, Nancy was born between 1857 and 1860 in Wayne Co, KY.
Nancy does not appear in the 1860 or 1870 census as "Nancy Slagle".
Who was she living with?? Where was she living??

The first mention of Nancy Slagle is on her marriage bond application.
On September 13, 1878 Nancy married my great-grandfather Claiborn H. Gregory,
A widower with children, he was the son of Polly Decker and Claiborn Gregory (Sr).
The marriage bond states that Nancy was 21 years old in 1878.

About the marriage:

A man named KEELON SLAGLE was listed as a witness to the marriage.
Wm. G. Roysdon was also listed as a witness.
The couple were married by and at the home of A. (Abraham) Roysdon.
W. G. Huffaker was listed as the surety.
(Note: I have researched the families of these four men without success.)

The bond further states that Nancy's mother was born in KY and
place of father's birth "Unknown". (Does "Unknown" mean that
Claiborn didn't know who Nancy's father was or just that he
didn't know where her father was born?)
Perhaps Nancy's mother was a single woman?

Nancy appears in the 1880 Census:

1880 Wayne Co, KY Census #82 South Fork Dist 4:
(Living next to Harrison Bell & Thomas G. Smith)
Clayborn H. Gregory head 33 KY
Nancy wife 20 KY (nee: SLAGLE)
Nancy Margaret dau 11 KY
Manerva Jane dau 8 KY
Joseph son 6 KY
Louis H. son 3 KY
(Note: Two years earlier, Nancy's age was listed as 21 on her marriage bond.)

There is no further record of Nancy Slagle Gregory until her death is
mentioned on the Civil War pension file of my great-grandfather.
According to information given by Claiborn Gregory, his wife Nancy died in 1885.

My grandfather Emberson Gregory is born.

According to family history, Nancy and Claiborn had two children together.
A son Russell, who died as a child, never having been recorded anywhere,
and my grandfather, James Emberson Gregory. There is conflicting information
about the year of my grandfather's birth. But the bottom line is that he
did not appear in the 1880 census. It is most likely that Emberson was born
about 1882. My grandfather lived a sad and tragic life, eventually killing
his wife and himself in 1929. The only information remaining in regards to
his mother Nancy, is what his young children could remember.

1.) Suzie Slagle (daughter of Moses & Elizabeth Slagle) married Walter
Decker (cousin of Emberson Gregory) at the home of my grandparents in 1903.
(Suzie's mother was the daughter of George Slagle & Sarah Privitt.)

2.) Back in the 1920's, Suzie Slagle's brothers often stopped to visit
my grandfather on their way to visit Suzie and Walter Decker.


Who do I think she is?

Most likely Keelon Slagle is the uncle of Nancy Slagle Gregory. I think
Nancy was either the daughter of Keelon's brother George who died in 1875
or to Keelon's sister Anna Slagle who shows up in the 1880 census.

Another person of interest is Susan Chriswell Slagle. I have not found
which Slagle that Susan was first married to, but she married her 2nd
husband Sylvester Hucaby in 1866 at the home of Keelon Slagle. Were they
married there because of Susan's 1st husband being related to Keelon Slagle
-or- because Sylvester Hucaby was related to Keelon's wife Rosa Hucaby?


I have done a great deal of research on the various Slagle families
from Wayne County, but I am seeking any information about them
that might be helpful to my search.

Some families I would like to know more about:

*Anna Slagle & her daughter Victoria Slagle Kemplin
(Note: they are listed in the 1880 census living near Keelon Slagle.)
*Moses (son of Betsy Slagle) & Elizabeth Slagle (daughter of George Slagle)
*Keelon & Rosa (Hucaby) Slagle
*George & Sarah (Privitt) Slagle (died in 1875, brother of Keelon)
Susan Chriswell Slagle who married 2nd Sylvester Huckaby in 1866.
Joseph & Celia (Williams) Slagle
Elizabeth "Betsy" Slagle & daughter Jane from Slagle Hollow
John & Cynthia (Province) Slagle (parents of George & Keelon)

I would like to correspond with others researching the Slagle families
of Wayne Co, Clinton Co, Pulaski Co, KY or nearby Tennessee area.
Any information is appreciated!

Keelon Slagle.
1834 - 1907

Keelon and his wife Rosa Hucaby raised their
family near Mt. Pisgah, KY. Both are buried in the
Old Sandusky Cemetery. Although Keelon is somehow
connected to Nancy Slagle, he had no daughter named Nancy.
How was Nancy Slagle related to Keelon?

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